The “Slacks Creek” debacle, the takeover of an existing Church Food bank facility

We here have been informed a day or so ago that the Mohammedans have secretly negotiated with a existing church group to buy their premises which includes a well established long standing FOODBANK for the poor and disadvantaged in the area.

There has been as we aware NO guarantees that this service will continue if and when the Mohammedans take charge of the property in June/July this year.

We here see this as a problem and a denial of service if the service is discontinued by the Mohammedans in Slacks Creek area.

We invite anyone form the Slacks Creek area to contact the “FOODBANK” people and ask them for assurances in writing that this service will continue.

For more details please contact these people.



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  1. I strongly support the building of Slacks Creek Mosque ….


    • J. ABRAHAM sorry for the late reply, but how could you say “I strongly support the building of Slacks Creek Mosque”. There is a existing building there already. Are you suggesting they are going to demolish the existing building to build a new Mosque?


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