The world gone crazy

The ever increasing acts of brutality and violence from the followers of the so called ‘Religion of peace’ gives rise to where is this world going to be in 10, even 20 years from now.
Are we being to complacent with this religion?
We now see the Mohammedans becoming hackers to fight the fight against the infidel nations around the world.

With News Headlines like this:

US Central Command Twitter and YouTube feeds hacked by people claiming to be Islamic State supporters.

One wonders how long and how prolonged this war of the followers of a religion that hate non believers will last.

We believe as others are starting to realise that the proliferation of Mosques and the subsequent, unchecked easy rise of firebrand Imam’s in many of these Mosques give rise to the fact that Mosques are breeding grounds for this violent, brutal form of fundamentalism.
Now France has mobilised 10,000 troops in France in the wake of the Muslim terrorist acts in that country.


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