Should we oppose Islamic developments?

Are we being unfair to Muslims and denying them their democratic rights if we oppose Islamic developments?

Consider the following:

Islam is an aggressive/political ideology that has declared that it will impose Islam on the whole world. (see – especially the appendices quotingIslamic sources).

Mosques are different from Christian churches and Buddhist or Hindu temples becausethey are centres of political activity. Islam does not separate religion and politics. The Imam gives political and religious instruction to the Muslimworshippers. You may have noticed in news reports of trouble spots in Muslimcountries  how after ‘prayers’ in the mosque the Muslims go out to demonstrateand fulfil their political instructions given by the Imam. Mosques are not just prayer houses, they are political centres.

Schools:Muslims have claimed that Christians have their schools so why should they nothave their Islamic schools. We need to understand why Muslims want their ownschools. It is to prevent their children becoming secularised or assimilatedinto Australian culture. It reinforces their aim to remain a separate parallelIslamic society which they believe will eventually replace Australian laws withSharia (Islamic law) to make us an Islamic nation. ‘Sharia is incompatiblewith the fundamental principles of democracy…’ (Conceil De L’Europe, European Court ofHuman Rights, Refah Partisi v. Turkey 2003, Item 15).

Christian schools exist to maintain the Judeo/Christian culture and ethics that have been the foundation of our national existence and the basis of our legal system.They help to maintain Australia as a free democratic nation.

In the West Islam uses westerndemocratic rights to promote an ideology which will deny all non-Muslims theirdemocratic rights if it wins the West for Islam. Non-Muslims, especiallyChristians and Jews are persecuted minorities in Muslim-majority countries.

So, should we oppose developments suchas Mosques and Muslim schools that promote anti-democratic and anti-Australian ideologies?

The answer is Yes, definitely,absolutely, if we want to remain a free nation. “Yes” people can email: and receive our “STM Kit 042” (Subject Line) to explain how you can give 10 minutes a week to help and become a Stop The Mosquer.


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