Keysar Trad and Polygamy in Australia

We see over the past decade a clear attack on our social values and harmony with authority Mohammedans like Keysar Trad and TV poster boy Mohammedan Waleed Aly agitating a revise on the polygamy laws in Australia to suit their Moon God religion’s rights to have up to four wives.

There are instances where Mohammedans like Waleed Aly use events like the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Our country which was fashioned on Westminster laws and constitution has never made allowances for polygamy and justly so, given the history of trouble polygamy has caused in the past in western society.

On that note we see here in this article Keysar Trad make an attempt to justify polygamy because he is “Lonely as his wife is away”. Yes you heard it, sigh. This ‘mad provocative’ Mohammedan has over the past 2 decades been personally involved with provocative attempts to wipe out any part of what our society presents as a threat and or hurdle to the advancement of his cult in Australia.

Why should polygamy be a crime?

So we see a contradiction of standard values, freedom of speech as we now debate the matter of Gay Marriage which strangely enough the Mohammedans oppose. So in a nut shell they (Mohammedans want heaps of wives, 4 for a start).

But oppose Gay Marriage to the point of they advocate violence towards gay people in their Koran.

As asserted in this blog we suggest that Keysar Trad has used any despicable means and afforded the chance to use the media just to benefit his cult’s followers whims.

Probing polygamy

WHEN his wife was away in Lebanon for several months with their six children, Keysar Trad was lonely and considered taking a second wife.



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  1. well that is sick. I am sick of seeing his ugly Islamic face on tv. I have spoken to moslem women who said that they would not stank for their husbands having a second wife and definitely do not want sharia law in Australia. They came here for peace, security and no sharia law.


  2. Get stuffed – Hold your dick in OR use Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters


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