Please consider

PLEASE CONSIDER before voting in Australian elections

A vote for either the Greens Party and the ALP candidates in the current Queensland elections:

  1. More Mosques under the guise of multiculturalism/diversity and tolerance
  2. More country shopping/Mohammedans boat people illegally entering our borders.
  3. More Islamic groups using their religion to gain access to funding that should be diverted to the homeless and underprivileged.
  4. TAFE and higher education institutions to be more controlled by Greens Party.  All these proposals are being managed by the firebrand Senator Lee Rhiannon.
  5. In the Greens Party “how to vote advice”¬† we see no mention of the ALP and the same from the ALP which was further investigated and the advice we received that ALP and Greens Party still have a understanding to preference each other. So a vote for the Greens Party is also a vote for ALP.

Please consider to when you vote to vote the Greens Party LAST and ALP second last.



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