A Tax is Everytime The Government Spends.

The GetUp/Unions/Teachers’ Fed/Labor/Greens/LeftyMedia confab used to unseat John Howard and Campbell Newman will excel itself in their co-operative movement to destroy the Leader, Tony Abbott, to enable socialism to enforce its own cannibalism and Islam on our society. Tony Abbott is clearly in the Socialists’ Combo sights. Going right is the answer for Tony. Tony was there when John Howard’s wife took Little Johnny right to save Australia from Labor. Tony has to come to grips with how the engine room of Australia – The Small Business Operator with their Employees – blossom when there is no Great Big New Tax on the horizon and Politicians treat the Host, Australia in a responsible way. Consumer Confidence traditionally blossoms when a Labor Government (State or Federal) has been removed and the focus becomes wealth creation instead of Labor’s debt and borrowing focus. Every move, every speech, every amendment and every piece of Legislation must have the Question asked of it. “How will this effect Consumer Confidence?” Every time a new tax is added because of Islam, Consumer Confidence dips. A tax is every time the Government spends. This Page is about ‪#‎StopTheMosque‬ and that is what we shall do. 


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