The Death Penalty

No Government should obtain licence from the people it Represents to put people to death. The Death Penalty is the demon slope to Democide. By way of example Stalin put to death, by deliberate starvation, over 7 million people in Ukraine in 1932-33 know historically as The Holodomor. Stalin murdered 100’s of thousands of Soviet troops by invading Finland with the ill-equipped sons of farmers, conscripted from Georgia to the Ukraine. Stalin did this Democide as it was priority to stop resistance to Soviet Socialism. Islam has likewise murdered millions on the basis of failure to convert to Islam and trying to leave Islam. Insults against the Founder of Islam or Islam or the stone idol Alliat renamed Allah by the founder also attract the death penalty. Islam shows no mercy to the death of people. Even if these two Australians on death row were not rehabilitated and had not done great deeds for the prison system and the rehabilitation of other prisoners they should still not be killed. Converting to Islam may save their life as mercy does not exist in the mind of an Islamic person. The Australian Govt must cease all mercy aid to ISSI (Islamic Stolen States of Indonesia) if these publicity executions proceed.


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