Submission to LNP Queensland Sate Election Loss Panel 2015

For the NLP Qld Election Review Panel and all Stop The Mosquers.

1/ . -DHIMMI STANCE-Campbell must have known about the horror of the Lebanese Muslim/Catholic war and been well versed in the fallacy of the “moderate muslim’ concept. There is no such person as a “Moderate Christian” a Christian either accepts the Apostles’ Creed as the evidence of their Christianity, or they don’t in their heart, call themselves a “Christian”. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. There is no such person as a ‘Moderate Muslim’. Campbell’s statements regarding Islam were Dhimmi statements of appeasement. No Muslim will vote for a non-socialist party when the Labor Party has a similar economic policy to Islamic economic policy. At election time each fully practicing Pro-Active Enterprise Advocate is able to commit a minimum of 5 swingers to vote LNP before Labor when motivated. Campbell’s attitude to Islam caused Advocates who normally would have campaigned for LNP to only perform in a perfunctory way.

2/ – REFUSING TO PREFERENCE-Campbell ignored the ‘Optional Preferential System. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” was completely lost to Campbell. Knowing his Polls were slipping over VLAD and just about everything else Campbell refused to even communicate with Family First Party and I expect every other Party as well. Campbell had the opportunity of calling in the ‘Preference Whisperer’ and refused. Had Campbell preferenced by way of example Family First 2/ One Nation 3/ KAP 4/ PUP 5/ Labor 6/ Greens 7/ then there would have been ammunition to persuade those Parties who also knew the grave danger of Labor to cross-preference each other and thereby keep Labor out. The exhausted votes in Seats like Maryborough is a bitter blow for a “Majority View’ result. To the previous grave detriment of the Liberal Party the Liberal Party has advised “Vote Pauline Hanson Last”; Had Newman made ‘preferential’ voting a Campaign Policy with ‘Vote The Greens Last and Labor 2nd last” he would have won the Election as the significance of motivated Advocates would have been rekindled.

3: CHOOSING A LEADER NOT EVEN IN THE PARLIAMENT: Anna Bligh was completely on the nose. As every Labor Premier becomes as the debt raises and the number of Public Servants as a proportion of the real work force raises to unaffordable percentages. How many Public Servants should be required to control the lives and business activity of real people? Not the percentage Labor reached. Less than 3,000,000 electors each with a now debt of over $27,000 brought on by Labor and the Liberal/Nationals chose a Leader from outside the Parliament. Because Campbell was not in the Parliament, Campbell was not experienced with the fact he was a Representative of the people and Campbell could not behave in a normal receptive way no matter how hard advisers attempted to advise him.

4/ SUPPORT OF PPL: Campbell’s support of the Paid Parental Leave Scheme. PPL was the very damaging, Consumer Confidence catastrophe. Small Business and their Employees are the real engine room of an enterprise society. Small Business Operators with their employees know from vast experience that every time a Government spends more or borrows more, that tax is going up and business is going down. Campbell could have redeemed the situation had he said to Tony Abbott “Hi Tony, Campbell here, this Liberal Party pamphlet promoting the PPL is all wrong and devoid of truth or sense. The PPL will not put Small Business on a level playing field at all. Small Business Operators cannot afford to employ entitlement focused employees of the Big Business or the Public Service kind. SBO’s have to have profit and production focused employees to recover from the six years of Hard Labor you caused when you and Little Johnny lost to Rudd and Gillard.; You have to scrap the PPL now Tony or we are all going dud. “The gauge of a Government behaving responsibly is the quotient level of Consumer Confidence” Accepting the incorrect precepts produced in the Liberal Party Pamphlet showed Campbell is incapable of observing truth, realising logic, determining reason or making a correct judgement call.

5; VLAD and Fitzgerald: The VLAD laws are rehash of the old ‘Consorting’ laws. The ramrod Campbell approach did not take in public protest or dissent: The loss of freedom of free association by Vlad is a very dangerous slope. No one voted LNP because of VLAD. Fitzgerald, famous for corruption, is an audacious Judicial Authoritarian and really is mentally a twin now of Malcolm Fraser. Campbell lacked the capacity to refute and rebuff and debunk Fitzgerald and did not seem to deem self preservation necessary. Fitzgerald fed the ‘Hate Campbell Crew’ puppeteered by GetUp with seed to disguise the economic poison of Labor.

Consisting of the main co-ordinator named GetUp along the chosen atheists from Labor, Greens, Unions, Teachers Federation, and the successful crew from the ‘Hate John Howard’ campaign: The Liberal/National camp has no effective answer to GetUp and Crew and at this stage unlikely to create one to counter the remarkable socialist organisational skill and purpose of GetUp:

No matter what display of political immaturity Campbell displayed the very fact remains that Campbell was absolutely preferable to any Labor Politician past or current. Initiating ideological attacks in an election campaign is unfortunate and gives harm to the functionability of one’s own Advocates. Not responding in a winning way weakens the resolve of Advocates. On-side Advocates in an Election Campaign are as vital to a Campaign as Consumer Confidence is to a prosperous and expanding economy. Government cannot restore Australian Manufacturing – only the thrill of multiplying Consumer Confidence can bring Australia out of Labor Voter induced debt and so provide what is left of Australian Manufacturing to survive.

7/ – CLIVE PALMER: Clive Palmer (the spoiler) fits in with Reason 6 as Clive’s motive was to wreak revenge on the LNP; The Liberals, Tony Abbott, Campbell and anyone who supported anyone before Clive. The fact that Clive has come to grips with ‘Majority View’ voting is vital to understand the disgraceful political stance of Clive: Clive said so wrongly time and again “LNP and Labor are all the same” (the bad big lie of justification for the slow thinker to devalue their vote). Clive did not care about anything other than unseating Campbell, and producing a “How-To-Number-You-Ballot-Paper” that referenced Greens Last and Labor 2nd Last, with a numbering of every box was completely rejected by Clive. Clive’s “A debt is not a debt” was never answered by LNP. There was an answer to expose Clive and Campbell never really attempted to do so: Campbell’s “candidicitous” (A boxer or tennis professional who is his own coach suffers from candidicitous caused by being their own coach.) closed him off to advice. Clive was a major contributor to Libs/Nats finance, policy, campaigning techniques and material and Polling Booth Worker training. Clive was to a large extent responsible for the LNP in Queensland. This being the case the statement “LNP and Labor are all the same” by Clive is nothing short of remarkable. Clive’s anti-Campbell stance and the lack of a satisfactory response by Campbell was exasperated by Campbell’s incomprehensible foreshadowed disclose on ‘Leasing’ Queenslander assets.


No Utilities owned by Queensland Electors should be sold or leased as an election issue. . Capitalism only works when competition exists. Every one of the Queensland’s 2,932.395 electors now owes $27,281.45 against the value of these assets. These assets have already effectively been partially sold by Labor with their socialist spendings and borrowings.

Newman was never the right man for the job. He did not comprehend the essence of (ethical) Parliamentary conduct. Imagine had Campbell said “Every elector owes over $27K due to Labor Voters voting in a Labor Governemnt. The non-Labor Self Employed Small Business Owners and their Employees are going to have to pay it back. Let us hope they encourage everyone they know to never vote Labor again. My Government and I are going to behave in a manner that gives Consumer Confidence the fertiliser to restore our prosperity with a rekindled Consumer Confidence quotient. Governments do not create jobs, Governments that want real jobs create confidence and display truth to enable SBO’s to have faith to take the risk to expand, advertise and replace capital equipment. . Stick with me and listen at your own peril to GetUp and The Fabians. I shall be limiting Public Servant ‘Stations’ to 19% of the real work force. signed Campbell”

The ‘Capitalist’ quotient for Queenslander owned Utilities can be when Productivity and Efficiency private contractors compete for contacts to advise Government of best conduct procedures that avoid duplication and waste, whilst achieving the best possible production results and innovation. Instead of ‘trading out’ of Labor’s debt, Campbell went on an attempted vote buying spree.

.In a similar manner to Tony Abbott’s “No Great Big New Tax” on one hand whilst simultaneously declaring a ‘Signature’ policy of a PPL scheme, on the other hand; muted to cost between $3.5b and $7b annually: Campbell did the same type of double take. .
Contradictions cannot exist without someone’s premise being incorrect.

Campbell spends about $3m on adds to the effect ‘We have a huge debt and I ask the people to go to the Government website and work out if we sell asserts, or reduce services or put up taxes and charges to handle the Labor Debt’—

The election time arrives on a rude rush date and Campbell then issues a string of Votebuy promises, based upon the massive lease off of assets, already heavily indebted by the previous Labor admin. These Campbell votebuy promises, made on potential money, in the $100m range each and included promises for his own Seat were based on money coming from asset leases and broke the hearts of 1000’s of minor advocates who thought “Where has the last of my motivation gone to help keep this man in Government?”

An examination of the campaign in Ashgrove itself by the LNP newly appointed Election Review Panel will show fully manned LNP Booth Workers over whelmed by Labor Red Tee-Shirted Boothworkers and GetUp Advocates. The results and the Reports and Submissions made to the NLP Election Result Panel by contributors and the Panel itself will never be found out by Liberal Party members. The lesson for NSW will not be learnt.
My advice to the Panel is to provide every contributor with a copy of everyone else’s contribution as they come to hand. My advice to NLP people is to send a copy of your Submission to every NLP person you know and the truth may out.

Campbell would not have been acting unethically or amorally had there been a Family First candidate or One Nation or KAP candidate standing. In days gone by the DLP often stood to direct preferences to Liberal and away from Labor. In the same way now that Greens stand to direct preferences to Labor.

In Ashgrove. hhe Labor Party stood as did The Greens and a former Greens stood as an Independent.
Apart from Campbell there was another Independent who resigned from KAP to stand. This Independent was in fact preferencing Labor before Campbell. Not one Candidate standing in Ashgrove preferenced Campbell Newman. Campbell’s lack of nous and sense has now resulted in a dedicated socialist being reelected into the Queensland State Parliament in Ashgrove.

BHenderson should resign forthwith.
Campbell is not expected to attempt to enter public office again. The election was winnable. LNP policy missed the mark in virtually all areas. Alan Jones, and the revised ‘Parliamentary Pension Plan’ also played a part in the loss. Both on the instigation of Campbell.
There were three outstanding Policies that would most certainly have been able to be utilised as vital educational, and information campaign tools.

1/ Legislative power being applied to Local Government regarding approval of Mosque Applications with removal of ‘Existing Use’ provisions of the Local Govt Act with regard to “Place of Worship” until such time as the definition of Place of Worship becomes clear.

2/ Restoration of the Queensland Upper House. At the naming of the Election Date, Campbell could have said: “I’m Campbell Newman and I am your Premier. An Upper House in Queensland could have effectively saved each and every elector from the excesses of Labor’s borrowings and the massive increase in Public Servant Stations. My Party will prepare with community consultation Legislation to effect the preparation of an appropriate referendum to restore the Upper House if re-elected.”

3/ Restore Compulsory Preferential Voting by Referendum. The Optional Preferential System is a denial of ‘Majority View’ democracy. A valid vote must show the numbering of every box to enable the elector to see the natural preferences of the person they intend to reward their vote with for justice to really be done as well as appear to be done . . Preferential vote counting only applies if no one candidate receives 50% of the valid votes plus one vote rewarding that candidate with an ‘Absolute Majority’. Rename the How-To-Vote card with “How-To-Number-Your-Ballot-Paper” card.

The Optional system is the slope to a two party USA system that has been shown to be a financial disaster of such proportion that world freedom is seriously at stake with the direction of Australia following a similar debt path. Without other Parties being viable, the two major Political Parties have open access to the Electoral Funding rout whereby they receive taxpayer’s money each time a voter votes. A equitable political party would abolish Electoral Funding.

The result of the election with Peter -“I don’t know what the Labor Party’s policies are”- Wellington MLA, holding the balance of power must result in a new election shortly, unless Peter accepts Land Tax as a inevitable attribute of Labor’s income equality redistribution scheme. Homeowners with a second holiday home or a home valued above the norm will rue the day they let their neighbour vote Labor or exhausted their own vote. James Darby Monday 16th February 2015 (07) 5599 5277 0406 553 333 .


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  1. He got kicked out because he was arrogant, authoritarian, and completely changed what he was elected on. He said no to VLAD laws, and no to selling assets. Then arrogantly tried to turn that around and tell us we wanted them and convincing us it was ‘just leasing’. We even said in polls we preferred tax increases instead of privatizing. But oh no, not good enough. He had a dead easy job to stay in power and he royally blew it. We threw out Bligh for that kind of behavior, we threw out Newman, and we will keep throwing them out until they get the message.


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