When Islam and pedophilia go hand in hand Oblivous to the laws of the country

It’s a common fact in most Muslim controlled nations around the globe that female infant marriage and arranged female infant marriages are performed by western standards too very, very, young infant females.
In fact Iran has an alarming record for infant female marriages.

Now we see here in Australia through the portal of Mosques and “radicalized Islamic book stores” showing an astonishing rise in what can only be describe as forced child marriages either conducted on premises or providing information on how to circumvent Australian Laws.
We would like to bring to the reader’s attention the matter firstly in Newcastle, Australia.
In February 2014 Pakistani Imam Muhammad Riaz Tasawar on a religious visa preformed an illegal marriage, contrary to our country’s laws to Ahmad Chamma, (a Lebanese male student on a study visa) 26 yrs. and a 12 yrs. old female infant.

The female infant’s father 61yrs who in court openly approved of the “so called marriage” has also been charged by police with accessory before the fact of sexual intercourse with a child aged 10 to 14 years and procuring a child under the age of 14 for unlawful sexual activity.

12 months on we now see the whole matter of this act of pedophilia under Australian laws come to a sad and tragic conclusion with it being revealed in court proceedings that the now 14 yrs. old girl having been made pregnant from the unfolding saga. To complicate the matter for the young girl she is now diagnosed with “ectopic pregnancy” which medically can lead to many problems health for the young girl.

As we see the Muslim population rise in numbers in the coming decades, it is possible to suggest given the all too aware information of this practice (infant marriage and forced marriage of infant females) there will be we suggest an epidemic of children’s innocence stolen to satisfy not only pedophiles but the deranged wishes of their own family members.

Obviously given this situation our authorities will have in the future a lot of problems stemming the problem of child marriages and forced marriages.
It could be suggested that the authorities will realise that Mosques and Islamic book shops need to be regularly monitored and public awareness raised as to the preventions set in place for the safety and well being of these very, very young Australia infant girls.

How can you help as concerned citizens?
Please consider if you live in an area where a Mosque or Islamic book shop is situated, watch, listen and report any suspicious activities. Call Crime Stoppers or Australian National Security hotline and inform the authorities of your concerns.


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