045 Code of Conduct for Rallies LR200215

DRAFT001 For Publication:-   Face Book etc: Suggestions on correcting for improvement in the wording of this DRAFT WELCOME .


1/  Use cardboard poles only for flags , banners and signs. No wooden or metal stakes or poles.

2/  Display positive and humorous  Larry Pickering type cartoons and insightful  messages on signs/banners. No abusive or incitement signs.

3/ Ignore  completely (other than filming) opponents who may attend. No acknowledgement or recognition of the presence of opponents.  No verbal retaliation or posturing  whatsoever.

4/ Transparency  of  the Intention of The Rally: The intention is to organise to influence the Legislature to save Australia from the advancing Totalitarian Socialist intention of Islam.

5/ The purpose is clearly to free traders and consumers from the impost of Halal.

(Helping Allah Loot Aussie Largess must cease)

6/ The purpose is clearly to save future Aussies and ourselves from Sharia-Laws and from Jihad seekers.

7/ Exercise respect and deference to attending members of the Police and Rally Marshalls.

8/ Leave no litter.  All paper work including Petitions and Offer To Help Forms  to be attached by chip to clip-boards.  No loose leaflets or paperwork.

9/ All prospective attendees must be confident of a purposeful Rally that will muster Pro-Active support to Reclaim Australia.  The tool-of-trade to save Australia is the ballot paper and the shield is the ballot-box.

10/ Whilst we acknowledge that there will be no verbal or physical or posturing retaliation in regard to opponents there will be ‘non-aggressive’  filming of the Rally.

11/ The Non-confrontational approach is the best approach as the socialists want to be seen as the victims and to show the Rally Attendees in an unsavoury light. We shall shine with decency of purpose.

By refusing to manipulated to behave as opponents behave;  power and purpose will be realised and future success assured.

James Darby 19th February 2015  Admin on

Daytime (07) 5599 5277   Anytime 0406 553 333



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  1. In No11 you seem to infer that ‘socialists’ are the enemy. I’m a whole hearted supporter of the Reclaim Australia rally. But as an Aussie socialist (not a member of the Socialist Alliance political party) I’m rather offended by that inference.
    Socialism is a social and economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy.

    Are socialists like myself welcome at the rally?


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