The hypocrisy and insensitive nature of a group of Mohammedans in Australia at the time of the Lindt siege


We believe this statement inserted from the Islamophobia Register and its subsequent release shortly after a Islamic man held the “Lindt Coffee shop siege massacre” wreaks of hypocrisy and insensitivity.

Miriam Veiszadeh founder of the Islamophobia Register who we suggest has seized an opportunity to make a self-serving statement right on a time very sad and confronting in Australian history. The statement was to push home sympathy for Mohammedans when not actually raising the principal issues that are presently dividing a nation against a religion (a 6th century cult formed to worshiping a Moon God) fueled by radical Imams and its followers the Mohammedans that are hell bent on converting us all or killing us as we are Kaffir to them.

As a Mohammedan Vieszadeh, a self-appointed Human Rights lawyer has with an insensitive statement made NO mention of the involvement of the Mohammedan Man Haron Monis who coincidentally himself was charged, convicted and sentenced for threatening hate filled  letters to Defence force personnel widows

0. What we see in this statement a clear and concise attack on Australians through the use of of what we suggest is a concocted scheme called Islamophobia Register.

We argue the facts presented in respect to a certain cult, its followers and the atrocities this cult’s followers want to perform on the unsuspecting Australian public. RIGHT NOW…

Quote from today’s news:

‘Just pick a random unbeliever and finish him’

We challenge the right for Miriam Vieszadeh self-appointed Human Rights lawyer to manipulate the meaning of social cohesion.

For example “Social cohesion is a state of affairs in which a group of people (delineated by a geographical region, like a country) demonstrates an aptitude for collaboration that produces a climate for change that, in the longer run, benefits all.”

We suggest that there is NO social cohesion on the part of this cult Islam in Australia and the crazed unstable Mohammedans that have it in their minds to kill us all. It is prudent we think, too suggest under these circumstances that if you the reader feel that this a violation of your right to opinion and freedom of speech having a so called Islamophobia Register. We invite you to “Please voice your opinion in writing a letter, email or phone call to the appropriate Government agencies and politicians”.

There is some issues here we would like to raise.

  1. What is an actual Islamophobia Register and who runs it?
  2. Who reports to authorities and or police of any incidents?
  3. The people (obviously Mohammedans themselves) running the Islamophobia Register, are they held accountable and are they monitored?
  4. Where is the constitutional or legislative laws giving the right for such a register to be established?

Dear readers, we want to express too. That we oppose open conflict in the streets or homes of Australia involving domestic or open violence towards any Australian woman. We ask our readers that if they are witness to any incident they see, please contact Crime stoppers.


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