Iran asked to behave like a ‘normal’ country

Recognise the core problem, identify the symptoms, come to grips with the intention of Islam and the answer is simple to stop the possibility of Mid Eastern civil war coming to Australia. Stop The Mosque. This will only be achieved with the legislature by being in control of the ‘Balance of Power’. Email for your copy of the Plan to take control of the ‘Balance of Power’ to : Benjamin Netanyahu said “If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country it should behave like a normal country”

The same applies to religion. Islam cannot be treated like a normal religion when sharia, jihad and halal combine with socialist ideology for the slavery of mankind. No normal person wants to force another to bend to their will on pain of death or amputations or being burnt alive. Australia has to come to grips that we must Stop The Mosque. Stop The Mosque will only come about by Organisation with a Plan. Protest for protest sake can be counter productive and serves no purpose if recruitment and organisation to influence the Legislature by non-violent means is ignored. James Darby admin


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