Nominate Your Preferred Candidate for the NSW Election

Stop The Mosque will promote preferred Candidates in the coming NSW State Election.

We seek immediate recommendations regarding candidates who are opposed to the socialist advance of Islam.

Email to  your recommendation or post the details of your recommendation onto this Page.

subject line “NSW Election Nomination”

Include the full name of the recommended candidate;

include The Party Name if that Candidate is standing as an ‘Endorsed’ Candidate or state if the nominated person is standing as an Independent.

Include the Name of the Electorate (division) that your nominated person is standing in.

Include if known; their email address and phone number.

Include if known their intention with regard to the allocation of preferences.

Include if inclined to do so the reason for your nomination.

If you don’t want to Nominate a particular Candidate please tell us which Electorate you are in and who you intend to vote for.

James Darby Admin on Stop The Mosque. Phone 0406 553 333


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  1. Adrian van der Byl
    Christian Democratic Party
    standing for GOULBURN.

    Very aware of the evils of Islam.


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