Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadri Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadri says widespread condemnation is not the way to combat extremism. Picture above is from this news article.

Prime Minister’s comments to cause further alienation

So the word “council” is used to describe this group’s tens of thousands of people in a religion/cult but only one individual is making a statement of objection. definition of a councilAustralia is a secular constituted country with a constitution stating in a whole section of the constitution that there is no religion that can go against or influence our secular laws and I have difficulty seeing the word council describing a religious group. As for the statement in the first picture. Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia precludes the Commonwealth of Australia (i.e., the federal parliament) from making laws for establishing any religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of any religion. Section 116 also provides that no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

One would have thought there would be a petition of some sort signed by the concerned and honest peoples of this religion after 2 years of ISIS involvement in our community of a religion numbering up to and over 500,000. One would have thought after numerous arrest involving hundreds of police over the past decade for countless offenses involving:

1.Group jailed for conspiracy to blow up a major sporting facility. Jailed terror cell leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika2. Conspiracy charges proven to blow up major infrastructure. Man that tried to blow up lucas heights3. Conspiracy to attack defense force installations. Holsworthy Barracks4. Gang rapes of Australian women. Sydney gang rapes by skaf brothers5.Promoting to gain logistics and funds and recruits for a prescribed terrorism organisation. Police stand guard after the raids at the iQraa Centre at Logan6. The city of Sydney was the place for major religious riots that saw police harmed. 121460-sydney-riot.gif7. In recent time the deaths of Australian citizens in conjunction with a follower of this religion holding siege to a coffee shop. 08. Authorities foil attempts by the followers of Islam to abduct an Australian citizen off the street and behead them in front of a camera. image2-viThe above links to creditable and real incidents are just a few of the numerous criminal or terrorist acts either already convicted and awaiting the courts verdicts.

On that pretext. A body of people in a nation whom object to their religion and followers being subject to suspicion and condemnation for proven criminal and terrorist acts in the past, would as a foregone conclusion in fact create a “petition’ either online or in writing to be tabled to authorities as a statement of objection to what is currently deemed as a large proportion of their followers of this religion being militant and mortally dangerous to the Australian society as a whole.

Yet thus far this type of “petition” has not appeared or has never been mentioned.

Could it be suggested that this particular religion and its followers has an ethos to be independent of secular societies and also has an infrastructure in its teaching to be a totalitarian political entity that goes against Australia a democratic secular society.

As seen in the first picture the word extremism has been expressed which in itself puts forward the fact that leaders of this religion know full well that in their following there is present extremists and yet will not work with the authorities to combat this problem that is set to see major disruptions and possibly fatal consequences.



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  1. condemning Islam extremism is not enough you can condemn it as much as you want there just words action is needed not words proper honest action.


  2. WHEN ??? are the PEACEFUL members of the Muslim religion going to STAND UP AND C O N D E M N , AUSTRICISE AND O U T CAST ….RAILE AGAINST the “radical” “secular” “antihuman” “murder” “rape” “beheading” “stoning” “child sexual abuse” ” forced marriages” ” pedophilia” “woman oppression” “multiple marriages” “apartied schools” and the BLATANT MISREPRESENTATION OF THEIR HOLY BOOK?
    Yes im sure the majority of Muslims are peaceful, but they would also be aware that the WRONG BEHAVIOUR of S OME oftheir religion is WRONG and needs tobe stopped from WITHIN…
    This is my question? When????

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